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I became interested in wholistic medicine in the mid 80's and began a journey that continues on to this day.  I have studied nutrition and many alternative health practices.  I graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in 1990 and started my practice.  In 1997 I was introduced to Integrative Manual Therapy and began an intensive three year period of study in this approach.  Since 2000, I have continued to travel for courses every year to deepen my knowledge and refine my treatment skills.

I eat certified organic food, meditate and exercise daily and strive to grow and challenge myself emotionally and spiritually. Connection to nature is very important to me.


What I Bring to a Treatment

To my clients I bring an open, curious mind which blends pure science and intuition to create a treatment that will meet their needs.  The human body is a most amazing and complex miracle with electrical, chemical, physical, emotional and spiritual components that must be taken into account with each treatment.  There is simply too much inter-connection among the organs, tissues and systems of the body as well as the emotions to compartmentalize a problem to a single area of the body.


How Are Therapists Trained

All MassageTherapists (RMT's) legally practising in the province of Ontario must be registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and must display their Registration Certificate.  All RMT's are required to have completed a minimum of 2200 hours of training at an approved massage school or an approved equivalent, then successfully written the licensing examinations set by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.  The College and its Council serve to protect the public by administering the Ministry of  Health's Regulated Health Professions Act and the Massage Therapy Act.


Style of Treatment

Manual Therapy

The style of treatment that I utilize is called Manual Therapy, a combination of techniques which includes cranial sacral, muscle energy, strain counter strain, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, neural tissue tension and more.  These techniques use very light pressure over the clothing to elicit change to the body structure and function.  Although the pressure used is light, this style can work at very deep levels creating subtle yet important changes.

I studied these techniques under Sharon Giammatteo http://www.imtwellnesscenter.com/; Frank Lowen http://lowensystems.com/;  Bruno Chikly http://www.chiklyinstitute.org/; and Mary-Jane Porter  https://www.matrixmanualtherapy.ca/  


What Can Be Treated with Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Techniques can be used to treat stress, shock, head trauma, concussions, stroke recovery, vertigo, developmental reflexes, back pain, neck pain, shoulder injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, strains, sprains, digestive issues and more.

The potential is there to help and comfort almost everyone.




*   One Hour Treatment ($79.65 plus $10.35 HST)  $90.00

*   One and a Half Hour Treatment ($119.47 plus $15.53 HST) $135.00

*   Payment is by cash,  cheque or e-transfer.

*   Please give 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment.

My clinic is a fragrance free setting.  Please be sure to avoid perfumes/colognes/etc. when coming for a treatment.

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